The QDAO airdrop has finished. We welcome over 10k new QDAO community members!


April 12, 2021


Add: Veronica Zubrii

It’s 12th April, which means the QDAO airdrop has come to an end. Starting on 25th March, we had over 10,000 people participating in our campaign. The QDAO team and community thank everyone who took part – we look forward to exploring and advancing the DeFi industry with you. Your rewards are on their way. 

Registration is closed

In order to participate in the airdrop, users needed to contact our Telegram bot and complete various assignments. Stage 1 consisted of social media activities. Stage 2, called ‘Wallet Degen’, was focused on rewarding the most active Ether wallet users: we analyzed their transactions, coins, DeFi services tested, etc.

Both stages have come to an end. Registration via the bot is no longer possible. During the airdrop, we had over 10k people joining us, which exceeded our expectations by a long mile. Thanks for your participation! The QDAO community is glad to welcome onboard all the new DeFi enthusiasts. Explore our services, keep up with our news and don’t miss the new campaigns or earning opportunities! 

What about QDAO rewards? 

Due to a high number of airdrop participants, the QDAO team needs time to process the data and calculate the rewards. It’s expected to take at least one week. Once we’ve completed all the  computations, we will send out the QDAO coins via the Ethereum network or Binance Smart Chain (depending on Gas fees and market conditions) to the wallet you used for registration. You will be notified about the drop in advance.   

The next airdrop is coming soon

Missed it all? Don’t worry – we plan to organize more QDAO airdrops and interesting campaigns. Keep track of our news and updates via our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LINE and LINE 2 for the Japanese-speaking community.