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Description: Use cryptocurrency limitlessly with the QDAO DeFi prepaid crypto debit card. Apply now to get started!

QDAO DeFi Crypto Debit Card

Pay Crypto. Live Crypto. 
Make instant top-ups and use crypto limitlessly!


Benefits of the QDAO DeFi Cryptocurrency Card

The QDAO DeFi crypto debit card bridges the gap between the real and digital world and unites the benefits of both. Make fast, flawless payments in crypto and enjoy a full range of advantages:


Instant deposits in BTC, ETH and USDT


Withdraw cash anywhere via ATM’s


Convenient payments in both online and brick-and-mortar stores

Spend Your Cryptocurrency Just Like Fiat Money

We’ve gotten used to making digital payments literally anywhere: in online stores, restaurants, shopping malls, subscription services and so on. But how about upgrading your debit card by introducing crypto?

With a QDAO DeFi crypto debit card, you can make payments in BTC, ETH and USDT! The card is used just like a regular one: it features a PIN code and an electronic chip. Thus, you spend your crypto reserves just like fiat - the experience is the same. Feel the freedom of using your QDAO DeFi crypto payment card while shopping online, visiting grocery stores and coffee shops - it’s accepted everywhere.

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Bypass the Hassle of a Currency Exchange

Conversion of cryptocurrency is a lasting and painful process. You have to register on an exchange, bypass long KYC (Know Your Customer) and verification procedures, create orders and wait for their execution. There’s no need to waste your time any more! Now you don’t have to register on currency exchanges - QDAO DeFi performs the conversion automatically.

We use EURO as the primary currency and you can also withdraw cash from different ATM’s in any local currency. The conversion is automatic, seamless and you don’t have to face substantial losses because of ever-changing rates. It’s fast, efficient and inexpensive.

With a QDAO DeFi debit card, you don’t have to waste your time or money on conversions and related fees. Whenever you make a purchase, your balance is automatically converted into the necessary currency. No middlemen or exchanges: you have access to global fiat currencies at your fingertips.

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Hold On To Your Crypto Assets

here’s no need to acquire a third-party crypto wallet - when you buy a crypto card from QDAO DeFi, you can be assured of your funds being safe and secure. We leverage advanced security measures: 24/7 security monitoring and the latest 256-bit cryptography methods. With your data stored in a distributed ledger, you don’t have to worry about hacking, stealing or loss of information. The in-built EMV chip keeps your card under full protection and lets you control what you spend.

The QDAO DeFi crypto coin debit card allows holders to store an unlimited amount of currency for as long as they need. Spend and exchange wherever it pleases you - the crypto will be automatically converted with profitable rates.

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How the QDAO DeFi Debit Card Works

A plastic cryptocurrency card works the same way as a regular debit and credit card: it can be used with compatible ATM’s and in stores for cashless payments. However, instead of drawing money from a bank account, it accesses a cryptocurrency wallet. The process is quite simple:

Step 1

Step 1

You make a payment with your prepaid crypto debit card.

Step 2

Step 2

Only the necessary amount of cryptocurrency is purchased with EUR stored on your card.

Step 3

Step 3

The merchant receives the fiat currency.

The process is fast and seamless - you can enjoy the same experience as with traditional bank cards. However, you don’t have to contact a bank. That means a lower risk of transaction blocking, no legal troubles, the absence of extra intermediaries, fewer commissions and high speed.

Slow speed and blocking are not the only limits you avoid - this card negates geographical restrictions, too. There’s a huge array of ATM’s around the world that accept the QDAO DeFi Bitcoin card. You can deposit or withdraw money in local currency and have it automatically converted.

What makes the QDAO DeFi digital currency card superb?

Low annual fee.

We charge only €2/month (€24/year) for card servicing. The crypto loading fee is 4.5% for regular cards, and 3% for premium cards. That makes QDAO DeFi one of the best plastic crypto cards in terms of commissions.

Support of various crypto assets.

Top up your card in BTC, ETH or USDT. More cryptocurrencies will be added soon!

No limits.

Use the card wherever you are. Enjoy quick and seamless payments in real life and online, no matter which fiat currency is accepted.

Quick exchange and optimal rates.

The conversion to EUR is determined by the common exchange rates. Since it’s done instantly, you don’t lose as a result of cost fluctuations.

How to Apply for the QDAO DeFi Crypto Card

We are polishing the last details before launching the application process. Till then, you can fill in the form on our website and wait for the official launch.
In the near future, you can easily become the proud owner of a QDAO DeFi crypto debit card, in a few simple steps:


Apply for the card on our website. Specify some information (type of card needed, loan amount, preferred currency, rates and so on).


Pay the issuance fee.


Open link to have quick access to funds management.


Receive your card and enjoy spending crypto in real life or use a virtual crypto debit card for making online payments!



Note that you will need to set up the KYC procedure - this is managed by our third-party partner. Be ready to provide scans or photos of your documents that confirm your identity (ID, passport). The verification procedure is required for security purposes and is performed only once for each card holder. It takes a few hours only!

Want to be among the first to get your crypto card? QDAO DeFi is finishing the last preparations - the official product launch is coming soon. Meanwhile, you can fill in a form to get whitelisted: once we start issuing cards, you will receive yours in a timely manner. Thanks for waiting!

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QDAO DeFi Crypto Card FAQ

What is a crypto payment card?

The prepaid cryptocurrency debit card from QDAO DeFi allows holders to make quick transactions around the world in real-life places or in online stores. Besides that, it converts cryptocurrency into fiat.

What is the QDAO DeFi Payment Card balance currency?

We have chosen Euro (EUR) due to its global popularity and acceptability. When a user withdraws funds, the currency can be automatically converted into another fiat currency using the FX Rate of card service.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to make top-ups?

So far, QDAO DeFi supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) . More cryptocurrencies will be introduced soon.

Why would I need a QDAO DeFi crypto card?

This card can be used on a daily basis for making payments in grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers and so on. The majority of online merchants accept the QDAO DeFi card because it’s based on Visa. Thus, you can store, send and use cryptocurrency easily while avoiding the hassle of crypto exchange platforms.

What is the main benefit of the QDAO DeFi card?

It allows for instant deposits in major cryptocurrencies, including Tether, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users can withdraw their funds without substantial limits anywhere around the world in the preferred fiat currency - the conversion to fiat is performed automatically, so the process of withdrawal is fast and flawless.

How can I get a QDAO DeFi crypto debit card?

You can order it directly from our website by clicking on ‘Apply’. Alternatively, you can contact our customer support service via social media or [email protected].

What are your fees?

QDAO DeFi charges a 24 EUR annual service fee with a crypto loading fee of 4.5% for regular cards, and 3% for premium cards. We can also take commission for our services (peer-to-peer transfers, card activation, etc).

How can I withdraw funds?

You can withdraw cash from any compatible ATM - they are located around the world. The conversion is totally automated, which means you can withdraw in any fiat currency.

Do I need to undergo the KYC procedure?

Yes, you need to go through a KYC procedure which is performed by our partners. Note that a driver’s license is not accepted - you need to provide your passport or ID to verify your identity.

What card issuer do you use for the QDAO DeFi Card?

We selected Visa because of their global popularity, quick transaction processing, moderate fees and travel bonuses. That means QDAO DeFi crypto cards are accepted everywhere.

Does the QDAO DeFi card support contactless payments?

You can integrate your QDAO DeFi prepaid credit card in Apple Pay to perform contactless payments anywhere.