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Apple inc.
6 month change:+19.549%
Alphabet Inc.
6 month change:+8.275%
Toyota Motor Corp.
6 month change:-17.706%
AMZN, Inc.
6 month change:+33.168%
Facebook, Inc.
6 month change:+17.587%
Zoom Video Comunication.
6 month change:+131.081%
Netflix Inc.
6 month change:+36.190%
Tesla Inc.
6 month change:+142.857%
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What is QDAO DeFi?

QDAO DeFi supports smart investments in liquid cryptocurrencies, instant fiat loans and deposits with the highest interest rates.

What are the benefits of QDAO DeFi to lenders?

Growing program popularity creates great interest and grants stable interest rates with attractive lending conditions.

What assets are available now?

Users can choose from 17 highly-demanded cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. Tokenized stocks will be added in the near future.

Why choose QDAO DeFi?

The program provides the most lucrative and profitable deposit and lending conditions while keeping the lowest possible rates for borrowers.

How secure is QDAO DeFi?

Assets are stored on Cold Wallets with an absolute level of security. QDAO DeFi activity is legal and permitted through an EU license.

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