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What is On-chain Copy Trading?

On-chain Copy Trading opens the doors to earning through trading but without needing any experience. Blockchain is transparent and is available to explore round-the-clock. Copy Trading allows users to find the best wallets and copy their deals, enabling them to secure nice profits.


Why do we need On-chain Copy Trading?

  • Trading requires huge experience
  • 9/10 beginners lose money and leave forever
  • The need for one's own complex trading strategy to succeed
  • The crypto market always involves big risks
  • Only a large initial capital can bring substantial profits

On-chain Copy Trading as a Solution

  • The need for trading experience is eliminated
  • 100% risk-free passive earnings
  • Higher interest rates than deposits
  • A balanced list of cryptocurrencies to earn with
  • No threshold to start earning solid profit

Two types of On-chain Copy Trading

100% Passive on the QDeFi platform

This option is perfect for users who don’t want to take risks but want to earn a substantial income with their crypto assets. You will be earning passively with sliding rates, while the complex algorithm performs trading activities backstage.

  • 0 risks
  • Stable passive income
  • Ease of use
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Up to 1,000% Profit for Experienced Traders

This type of On-chain Copy Trading is available via the DeFiRating.com website and the Telegram bot. It opens up unlimited access to real-time data and gives you complete freedom of action. Search for wallets, choose criteria, decide what trades to copy — it’s all up to you!

  • Top traders earn over 1,000% profit
  • A versatile trading bot
  • Precise on-chain data
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Across the Whole Crypto Industry!?

You are not limited to Ethereum only, our On-chain Copy Trading solution works across the most popular blockchains - BSC, MATIC, Polkadot and HECO. Who you copy and how much you earn - the decisions are all yours!

Current rates for QDeFi users

Please note that the rates can change according to market conditions

7.15 - 9.45%
8.25 - 12.85%
5.35 - 8.45%

*Please note: all rates are a subject to a change. All adjustments will be announced in advance.
Platinum QDAO reserves a right to change/keep interest rates as per their decision depending on a market condition.
**Noah Project users receive privileges. More details on the Noah Project's website.

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