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QDAO DeFi crypto loans help you get cash without selling your digital assets. Borrow without complicated bureaucratic checks in our lending platform. Apply today!

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Advantages of Leveraging
Crypto-backed Loans

Retain Ownership

Crypto assets always belong to the client. When a lender provides their assets, they are required to provide collateral as a guarantee. If a borrower fails to return a debt, the collateral compensates for the lender’s loss. Borrowers of crypto loans, in their turn, can unlock a win-win combination: the chance to use the value of their cryptocurrencies without the need to sell them as well as the chance to earn on the asset's soaring price.

Economic Efficiency

Tax-free, affordable DeFi crypto loans with no hidden fees designed for your convenience and to be used for any purpose. By using your crypto as collateral, you eliminate the need for a guarantor and accelerate the process of borrowing. We keep our rates moderate and don’t apply extra charges, so QDAO DeFi is one of the best crypto lending platforms in terms of profitability.

Blockchain Transparency

Blockchain contracts guarantee uncompromised security and ownership of crypto assets. With all data stored in a distributed ledger, you can sleep soundly knowing that your account and crypto funds are under full protection. No suspicious transactions, no hacking - the process is safer than traditional loans.

Instant Cash Access

Geolocation is no longer an issue - get quick access to cash worldwide and cover your strategic needs without delays. You can get your money on the same business day that you apply for the loan. No need to undergo bureaucratic checks or wait for crypto collateral loan confirmation.

Retain Ownership

Crypto assets always belong to the client. When a lender provides their assets, they are required to provide collateral as a guarantee. If a borrower fails to return a debt, the collateral compensates for the lender’s loss. Borrowers of crypto loans, in their turn, can unlock a win-win combination: the chance to use the value of their cryptocurrencies without the need to sell them as well as the chance to earn on the asset's soaring price.


How Our Crypto Lending Works Click image

Cryptocurrency lending services are used as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. Borrowers submit their crypto as collateral for receiving a payment, while lenders get their funds back when the debt is paid. In most cases, loans on such platforms are backed up by real-life assets (money in bank accounts, real estate, etc). When it comes to a blockchain-based lending program, cryptocurrency can back up assets as well.

On top crypto lending platforms, it’s possible to get a crypto loan in a couple of clicks. A lender submits their funds for a certain rate (which is accepted by both exchange and lending platforms). If a person needs an altcoin or Bitcoin loan for margin lending, they can request the lender’s funds from the exchange and pay it back with interest.

The cryptocurrency lending service from QDAO DeFi is comprehensive and simple. It works in the following way:

Step 1

Step 1

Register on QDAO DeFi and top up your account with cryptocurrencies.

Step 2

Step 2

You can deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrency in the QDAO DeFi pool. At the point of making the deposit, you can select the period: 1, 3 or 6 months, or no time limit. The annual interest depends on the deposit period.

Step 3

Step 3

Your interest rates will be calculated automatically. If you agree, you confirm the transaction.

All that is done without third-party financial services. QDAO DeFi is the best crypto lending platform for those who need a quick and hassle-free loan while keeping their assets absolutely secure.
No credit checks required - your credit line becomes instantly accessible after balance refilling. You can use funds at your discretion to withdraw, pay and send.

What Crypto Loans Can Be Used For

The number of use cases for crypto loans is unlimited - feel free to manage the borrowed assets as you wish:

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Invest in real estate.

No more mortgage requests and long-term confirmation. Get the sum you need and cover it with crypto!

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Pay taxes with crypto-backed USD

Pay taxes with crypto-backed USD without extra commissions. There’s no need to sell your crypto, asset-backed loans have many tax benefits including the absence of capital taxes.

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Diversify investments.

Add new assets to your portfolio to manage risks and boost your passive earnings.

FAQ About Our Crypto Lending Platform

What is crypto lending?

This is a type of financial service where borrowers use crypto assets as collateral to get fiat currency or some stablecoin, while lenders provide their assets in exchange for a predetermined interest rate. It’s also possible to provide fiat as collateral to obtain a crypto loan.

Why is crypto lending better than traditional lending?

Cryptocurrency lending means that loans are collateralized, so there’s no need for a guarantor or any third party. QDAO DeFi is one of the loan providers that offer permissionless, transparent and instant access to crypto loans.

What’s the difference between DeFi and CeFi lending platforms?

Centralized lending services function like traditional finance companies. They force customers to undergo the KYC procedure and can form partnerships with other institutions. The interest rates are defined by the company.
Decentralized lending platforms, such as Maker, Compound and dYdX function on the basis of protocols and can be accessed by any user without KYC and custody. The decentralized governance system is responsible for interest rates, which can fluctuate every second according to the demand and offer on the market.

Can I take out several loans at once?

Yes, loan requests only depend on the collateral you leave. That means you can take several loans out in different currencies at the same time.

Can I return the loan earlier than planned?

Borrowed currency can be returned at any time. If you decide to return the loan earlier, you can save on interest rates which accumulate on a daily basis.

Does a cryptocurrency loan imply any risks?

Although decentralized lending platforms seem to be a quick fix, this is still a new direction which carries some risks. Since none of the DeFi platforms are federally insured institutions, they are not regulated by banks or governments. That means that crypto assets are not necessarily backed up by fiat assets. One needs to do their own research before working with a certain lending platform.
The borrow/loan rates on DeFi platforms are variable, which means they are corrected throughout the day and might end up being not what the user expected. Thus, borrowers need to keep tabs on their collateral to make sure it stays safe for their budget.
Another major risk is connected to flaws in smart contracts. If there are any, the capital in the system might be compromised. It might be possible to hack or attack a platform if someone decides to exploit the bugs in a smart contract.

Is crypto lending free from legal issues?

If you manage to return the borrowed funds in time, you are not likely to face any legal issues. However, in case of complaints and problems, the parties will solve all issues under the jurisdiction of the country where the lending platform is registered.

Is crypto lending profitable?

Cryptocurrency is very convenient collateral because it can be sent and paid in a few seconds. In case of liquidations, users don’t have to undergo the tiresome process of foreclosure or bureaucracy. Besides, users can benefit from yield farming, increased APY rates and can thus grow their liquidity.

What are the borrowing and lending limits?

There are no maximum or minimum limits. The amount of crypto you can borrow depends on the value of the collateral.

What is LTV?

The loan-to-value ratio defines the amount of collateral you need to provide in order to receive a loan. It only concerns collateralized loans. The collateral is kept by the lender until the loan is totally paid off.

What is the benefit of providing collateral?

By providing collateral for your loan, you lower the risk for the lender. This allows clients to stay confident about not losing their assets, which is why they offer the most competitive rates on the market.

What can be used as collateral?

In QDAO DeFi, users can leave their cryptocurrency as collateral.

What if the crypto asset market value nose-dives during the loan period?

If a cryptocurrency seriously falls in price during the loan, you risk having your collateral liquidated if you do not return the loan. Keep in mind that the crypto market is changing daily, as are cryptocurrency prices - they can both rise or fall.

What is the loan duration?

You can pay off the loan at any time up until the liquidation risk reaches 100%. When the liquidation threshold is reached, the collateral you’ve placed gets liquidated.


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