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Сrypto Cold Storage & Digital Asset Custody Solutions

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What is Crypto Cold Storage?

To put it simply, crypto cold storage means keeping crypto assets in an offline wallet. A digital wallet is located on a platform that’s not connected to the Internet. Hence, it’s not accessible to anybody except the owner. Crypto wallets prevent unauthorized access, hacking and other external vulnerabilities.

How does it work?


Once you get a storage device, you need to fetch the public key and private key - they will be used to access the funds.


Transfer your funds to the cold wallet using the wallet address.


Access the funds in your hardware wallet by connecting it with your computer via the USB interface.


If you prefer Bitcoin cold storage on paper, you will need to access a third-party platform for fetching the funds.


As a rule, hardware wallets serve as cold storage for cryptocurrencies. These devices resemble a USB drive and have a few basic features. They encrypt data and enable access to the funds only with a private key (code).

Paper wallets are also becoming increasingly popular for crypto cold storage. This is a document with a private and public key written on it. There’s no need to go anywhere and buy such a wallet, the document can be printed from the Bitcoin wallet tool online. It can also have a QR code that can be scanned for a transaction.

Both options aren’t devoid of drawbacks. Paper or hardware wallets can be physically damaged or lost. Besides, the process of fund management becomes way more complicated and third-party platforms are required.

Crypto Asset Custody

Crypto Asset Custody

QDAO DeFi comes with a more advanced option. With digital cryptocurrency cold storage, you can enjoy both flexibility and unbeatable protection for your assets. Besides, crypto asset custody keeps your savings under lock in case of emergencies and service failures. We also work with BitGo digital asset custody and Lloyd’s of London to insure customers’ crypto savings, offering trustworthy crypto banking solutions for everyone.


Benefits of Cold Storage vs. Hot Storage

Why store your crypto assets in a cold wallet? The advantages of cold storage don’t only boil down to security - there’s myriad benefits that users can reap.


Being the major concern for holders, the protection of hot wallets (digital and online platforms) is under question. Even major exchanges become the victims of fraud and hacking at least once. This means that your assets might be stolen without compensation. Besides, errors in smart codes also contribute to vulnerabilities.

24/7 access

What will you do if the famous crypto exchange you entrusted your crypto savings to suddenly becomes inaccessible? Hacking, attacks and technical maintenance might create downtime. With crypto asset custody services and cold storage, you can avoid such problems.

No limits

Some platforms impose strict limits on deposits, withdrawals and on the account balance amount. With a hardware wallet, you are free to hold, send and receive as much as you want without the hassle of KYC procedures.

Traditional cold storage seems to be the right choice for long-term financial plans but it’s not devoid of risks. With a hardware wallet, you safeguard your assets with private keys only. But if the private key gets lost or there’s something wrong with the physical storage device, your crypto savings will be irretrievable. With digital asset custody solutions, you can sleep soundly knowing that your funds will be compensated even if there are failures on the crypto custody provider’s side.

Controllable, Scalable and Agile Crypto Custody



The uncompromising QDAO DeFi Custody Cold Storage with its end-to-end security, effectively depletes business risk to zero.



Adjust your workflows in accordance with your realities and simplify them through API integration.



Get extensive data on users’ activity and on your policy’s effectiveness with QDAO DeFi Custody Cold Storage, helping you to attain desirable results.


Digital Asset Custody Features

Ultimate security level storage.

  • QDAO DeFi Custody Cold Storage performs deep analyses of transactions and provides comprehensive data to support further improvement.
  • Hardware Security Module keeps private keys encrypted and absolutely secure as well as excluding direct interactions of day-to-day operators.
  • Overall clients' security is enhanced by multiple-level biometric access, mandatory whitelisting and physical security.

Best-in-class account management

  • Manage your assets with exceptional functionality: check, withdraw, transfer, receive statements and create sub-accounts.
  • Get unlimited access to staking, delegation and airdrops, while your private keys are safely kept in QDAO DeFi Custody Cold Storage.
  • Connect your account via CSV or API and utilize a variety of tools for effective data management.
  • Leaves no room for security or functionality compromises.

Better pricing and flexible payment options

  • We create individually tailored and unique solutions for every client, considering the needs of individuals or multi-user account clients.
  • We offer 100+ assets.
  • We have flexible rates to fit any investment purpose.
  • QDAO DeFi Custody Cold Storage enhances both business operations availability and flexibility.