The Golden Week is here! Enjoy the holidays and new QDAO rewards!


April 27, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

One of the greatest national holidays in Japan, the Golden Week, starts on April 29th. QDAO DeFi is glad to congratulate its Japanese users and has prepared a nice treat for you all. You can get up to 8 QDAO by performing a few simple tasks!

How to get QDAO tokens

In order to get the maximum reward, you should perform the following simple assignments:

  1. Make a deposit worth $100 or more. Create a deposit product in any available cryptocurrency with a fixed holding period (any duration).
  2. Leave a review of QDAO DeFi in your Facebook or Twitter account. The text should be at least 140 symbols long and contain the link to QDAO DeFi as well as the hashtag #QDAO.  

These two tasks will bring you 5 QDAO

How to get the rest? You’re three steps away from it:

  1. Use the ‘One-click Transfer’ tool. The task is considered completed when all the user’s funds are in custody. This will bring you 1 QDAO.
  2. Make one more deposit worth at least $500 and get 1 QDAO.
  3. Then contact @John_Forbes in Telegram and confirm the completion of the tasks. If you perform all of the above-mentioned assignments, you will get 1 QDAO bonus, which will bring your total to 8 QDAO.

You’ve got 18 days

The Golden Week promo campaign will last for only 18 days – from April 29th until May 16th. You should complete the tasks and contact John Forbes during this time period. All QDAO rewards will be calculated and sent once the campaign is finished. 

Note:- This offer is not only for Japanese users – every QDAO DeFi user qualifies for the reward if the assignments are completed. In order to qualify for a reward, there’s no need to perform all the tasks. However, the 1 QDAO bonus will be sent only to users who complete all the above-mentioned assignments. 

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