All you wanted to know about the first QDAO airdrop: Rules, rewards and reasons to participate


March 25, 2021


Add: Veronica Zubrii

The first Q DAO airdrop will start on 25th March. We are going to share “QDAO” tokens created by a team of Solidity developers working in the field since 2015. 

Total will be 5 (five) Q DAO Airdrops.

First Airdrop will start to build Q DAO membership.

Next airdrops will be conducted according to members’ choice, using Q DAO governance.

Why did we launch the QDAO airdrop? 

The main purpose of the airdrop campaign 

  • To build a community of all sorts of DeFi enthusiasts who want to be part of Q DAO.
  • To attract contributors experienced in on-chain governance to create a strong DAO –
    “Q DAO”.

The mission of the Q DAO society:

– To contribute to the growth of the DeFi ecosystem and society awareness. 

– To utilize on-chain governance in order to build useful DeFi primitives and analytical tools for our respected community. 

– To manage distribution of DAO profits (if any) among participants and to reinvest in further development.

Development plans for ETH \ BSC \ DOT ecosystems by Q DAO:

  • A dashboard for LPs. 
  • Aggregators of projects and their ratings.
  • A few DeFi primitives inspired by industry leaders like A. Cronje and others.

The first airdrop (March 2021) will be divided into two stages:

  • Stage 1 is open to everyone. It mostly involves social media activity. Rewards are small. This stage focuses on expanding the community in terms of ‘quantity’. 
  • Stage 2 is automatically for all Stage 1 participants. “Degen” wallet owners will get the highest rewards and the most active DeFi users can earn up to $500 in QDAO (see RULES below to find out how we assess your “degen” score). This stage focuses on expanding the community in terms of ‘quality’. 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT participate in the QDAO airdrop solely for enrichment purposes. We do not guarantee a QDAO price rise – that rather depends on the community’s efforts since there’s no liquidity yet.

Where to start? 

Stage 1

You can start by submitting the relevant details and data to our Telegram bot, which will be launched on 25th March 2021.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join our Telegram group – earn 0.01 QDAO.
  2. Follow our Twitter account – earn 0.01 QDAO.
  3. Join the Telegram bot and follow the directions.
  4. An optional task – invite your friends and earn 0.001 QDAO for each successful referral (a referral link will be sent by the bot, the number of referrals is unlimited). 

Make sure you complete 2 tasks (Twitter + Telegram). If you fail to complete some of the bot’s tasks, expect to receive a smaller QDAO reward. 


Bob followed our Twitter and Telegram group, then invited 5 friends. His total reward in Stage 1 is 0.01 + 0.01 + 0.001*5 = 0.025 QDAO

Henry joined the Telegram group and invited 150 friends. His total reward for the Stage 1 is 0.01 + 0.001*150 = 0.16 QDAO

Stage 2 – Wallet Degen 

While the rewards in Stage 1 are not limited, it’s the second stage that brings you substantial QDAO earnings, IF you are active enough in the DeFi world.

Everyone will take a share out of 1,000 QDAO, however, the process of wallet ranking will help us find and reward the people with the most core value for the DeFi industry and the Q DAO community in particular.

In Stage 2, the size of the QDAO reward depends on the DeFi activity of your connected ETH wallet – it could reach $500.

  • For wallet degen, we analyze over 20 parameters, including protocol interactions, the number and frequency of transactions, Gas fees paid, trading volume, hodl periods, etc. 
  • All wallets will be ranked. The top wallet will get a reward of $500 in QDAO, the others will receive a proportionally lower reward according to their rank. 

Who qualifies for participation in Stage 2? Degen wallet owners who meet at least one of the following requirements with their Ether wallet:

  • Made at least 5 transactions 
  • Participated in any project’s governance
  • Participated in any Farming or Liquidity Providing

By doing so, we incentivize the most active users who make the biggest contributions to the crypto and DeFi industries. 

  • We will not reveal our scoring method nor all the parameters of the scoring.
  • We’ll publish the final table showing all participating wallet addresses and the QDAO rewards based on their rank. 

But even if you have a new Ethereum wallet without a rich history of transactions, don’t worry – it’s not the last airdrop we’ll be conducting so you will have a chance to participate again. 

Explore DeFi, use advanced products and services, trade crypto and the rewards won’t take long to come. Join our DAO community if you want to take part in the future development and improvement of the project. We plan to make all decisions concerning future airdrops via decentralized voting, using QDAO tokens. 


John has been testing various DeFi products: loans, liquidity pools, deposits. He owns and trades 30 cryptocurrencies and has paid over $300 in Gas fees during the last few months of activity on DeFi platforms. His reward in Stage 2 is $250 worth of QDAO.

Aakesh has a new Ethereum wallet. He put liquidity in a single DeFi liquidity pool and his friends sent a couple of coins to his Ethereum wallet. His reward in Stage 2 is $7 worth of QDAO. 

Terms and Conditions

Please read these QDAO airdrop rules carefully to avoid errors and to make sure you get all your due rewards.

You should not:

  • Invite bots
  • Falsify results (in any way)

Anyone who does not comply with these rules will be disqualified.

We do not want to distribute tokens to those who intend to instantly sell them. Our major goal is to create a vibrant community and help people explore DeFi together. 

The drop will operate on a ’first come, first served’ basis. The time for completing the bot’s assignments is limited to 12 hours (if not stated otherwise). Please hurry up.

QDAO tokens will be air-dropped in different ways: via the Ethereum Network or Binance Smart Chain, depending on market conditions and Gas fees. We will inform you of the airdrop options beforehand. 

Why get QDAO? 

The QDAO Native Coin is an essential part of Q DAO and serves as a connecting link that benefits all users. QDAO coin is used for governance purposes and entitles holders to a list of bonuses.

Please don’t consider the QDAO token as an investment opportunity – our team does not guarantee a price boost! 

We don’t have liquidity yet – this issue will be addressed in the near future. However, QDAO ownership gives you many other perks and responsibilities, as mentioned above. 

Bottom Line

The QDAO airdrop is not just about token rewards. Its major goal is to create a community of devoted DeFi explorers and Q DAO members. We want to gather people who are genuinely interested in decentralized finance and DeFi services. Participation in this campaign is absolutely voluntary. If you feel there’s something wrong with the community or you feel uncomfortable, you are free to leave at any time. 

Don’t miss the news about the upcoming QDAO airdrop! Visit our website and stay in touch with us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LINE and LINE 2 for the Japanese-speaking community.