Use all the benefits of the United Authorization Center!


December 26, 2020


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

Recently, Platinum Software Development Company launched the creation of the United Authorization Center for Noah Wallet and QDAO DeFi.

This united ecosystem allows users to migrate easily between these platforms.

Moreover, it can help the company to scale up for other markets and strengthen its position. 

Why do you need to attach your BTCNEXT account to Noah wallet?

As we are planning to merge all the systems together, there is a necessity to unite all accounts as well. 

This is why all users will have to attach their BTCNEXT accounts to Noah wallet before  January, 15th, as there won’t be a chance to log in through the exchange.

Check out the manual and learn how to attach your BTCNEXT account correctly:

The process is ABSOLUTELY SAFE: we’ll keep all your saved data while transferring it to the United Authorization Center. If you face any problems, contact QDAO support on our official site,  Telegram, and LINE

The Platinum Software Development Company is constantly working on the improvement of the whole ecosystem, its products and all its achievements in the blockchain sphere.

We want our products to be both safe and profitable and we are all doing our best to reach this goal in the near future!” – states the company’s management team.

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