Time for a treat! QDAO token will soon be air-dropped to participants.


April 26, 2021


Add: Veronica Zubrii

As we have mentioned in our previous post, it would take us some time to calculate the rewards for the numerous QDAO airdrop participants. Finally, we have finished the calculations and are preparing to drop coins to everyone. Get ready to receive your sweet reward soon!

Thanks, everyone! It was epic

The results of the QDAO airdrop exceeded our expectations – we had over 10,000 participants join this campaign! They performed a few simple tasks and invited their friends, which helped our community grow further and attract crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. 

The largest pieces of the QDAO pie go to the users with the highest wallet activity: this was checked during the Wallet Degen stage. Participants with a high trading volume, DeFi service use history and a rich portfolio on their ETH wallet are eligible for huge QDAO prizes. 

Check out your reward

Wonder how much QDAO you will receive? Check out the results here. Find your account by Telegram ID or ETH wallet address. 

The top-10 participants will receive their reward via the Ethereum network. All the rest, via Binance Smart Chain. We will be sending the QDAO in a couple of days. Don’t miss our news and notifications.

Didn’t have a chance to participate? Don’t worry – this isn’t the last QDAO airdrop we shall organize. New campaigns are coming soon. Meanwhile, you can prepare your ETH wallet for next time by raising its activity – buy coins, trade, test DeFi products and enlarge your portfolio.  
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