We’re counting days until the QDAO airdrop. Are you in?


March 3, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

The Q Ecosystem keeps expanding day by day. We encourage our users to make profits with DeFi and reap maximum yields out of their investments thanks to advanced analytical and financial tools. This time, we go further and offer you both tools and money. Q Ecosystem users will soon be able to claim QDAO coins in the upcoming airdrop!

Airdrop Stages

The Airdrop Campaign will be performed in several stages. 

Stage 1 is almost already on. Early birds can earn  some  QDAO for joining the community and some QDAO for inviting friends via the cctip.io bot. Don’t hesitate to try products on QDAO.io and Q DeFi Rating right from the start – you will understand that the value of QDAO coin in the Q-Ecosystem is enormous. Please visit special Telegram  

Stage 2 is coming soon – it’s called Social Farming. The more actively you use and explore the products developed by our skilled engineers, the higher rewards you get. How to multiply your airdrop reward?

  1. Subscribe to the main group in Telegram and don’t miss messages – we will share the link to the airdrop bot soon. 
  2. Prepare your ERC-20 wallet (this is where QDAO will be airdropped) and connect it to your personal account in Q DeFi Rating
  3. Follow social media pages to get timely notifications about the campaign. 

In case you aren’t with us yet, join: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Telegram 

Why get QDAO? 

QDAO Native Coin is an essential part of the Q-Ecosystem that serves as a connecting link and benefits all users. QDAO coin is used for governance purposes and entitles holders to a list of bonuses: discounts, boosted deposit APY rates, access to exclusive offers and NFTs, and so on.

As the list of QDAO products keeps growing, the use cases for QDAO will also expand. You can enjoy passive income even by holding the coin – it serves as a reward for deposit makers. Hence, QDAO is a must-have for your crypto portfolio.

What’s inside the Q ecosystem?

Being developed by experienced engineers and DeFi pioneers from Platinum Software Engineering Company, Q-Ecosystem includes a wide gamut of useful services and products:

  • Custodian QFinance – a platform that gives unlimited access to private banking solutions like payment cards and fast loans.
  • QStable – a family of new generation stablecoins that combines specifics from collateral and algorithmic stablecoins.
  • Q DeFi Rating – an innovative DeFi aggregator that provides data on the whole decentralized finance industry and tools for tracking your assets.
  • QDAO Decentralized Services are classic and renowned DeFi products: P2P loans, yield farming, staking pools. (coming soon)
  • QNFT gives users priority access to hundreds of non-fungible tokens. (coming soon)

Bottom Line

If you’re still in the dark about DeFi, it’s time to discover the financial services of the future – Q-Ecosystem will make this learning curve easier for you! Register on our platforms, start managing crypto assets and maximize your profits. You don’t even need a large starting capital – QDAO airdrop is your chance to start ahead of others and explore new products with special terms.

Don’t miss the news about the QDAO Airdrop – Stage 2 is on its way! Visit our website and stay in touch with us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LINE and LINE 2 for the Japanese-speaking community.