Big updates: the new QDAO DeFi interface and On-chain Copy Trading is here


August 4, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

QDAO DeFi is just like an unstoppable freight train on the way to huge updates! There are two big events in the pipeline – the launch of the brand new interface (separate from Noah Custody Wallet) and an awesome new product called On-chain Copy Trading. Welcome to your new updates!

We had planned to roll out the new interface earlier but we needed to finalize some developments. Now, it’s almost ready to be demonstrated to a wide audience. The new QDAO DeFi will offer a better user experience, now that we are making it look friendlier and more intuitive. All the services are now conveniently arranged on the home screen.  

Moving on to the next big thing: On-chain Copy Trading. 

This is a new product under the QDAO DeFi umbrella that lets you trade like a whale and get bigger profits than you could before. On-chain Copy Trading refers to searching and copying the deals that successful traders make in order to earn with the help of their knowledge and strategies. Not bad huh?

Our team is planning to implement On-chain Trading in two forms:

  • On the new QDAO DeFi platform with 0 risks, higher interest rates than you get with deposits and no threshold or sliding rates.
  • On, in a fully manual mode with the opportunity to discover blockchains, use different searching criteria and decide on which wallet to copy. This type is suitable for experienced traders.

For the platform users, everything will stay as it is with just a few more buttons to click. But for, things can get serious. On-chain Copy Trading opens the door up to 1,000% profits and the expansion of your trading knowledge! The new product will work across many blockchains – Ethereum, BSC, HECO, MATIC and Polkadot. Unlimited opportunities!

Both the new interface and the On-chain Copy Trading product, will have to go through testing. But we believe they’ll be working in full force within the next couple of months. Hope you are excited because we’re doing this for you!

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