Scammers are back! How to protect your account and funds.


October 16, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

In August 2021, QDAO DeFi users received suspicious emails from scammers containing links to malicious sources. The attackers are back. If you have recently received a potentially disguised email about a QDAO DeFi service, don’t rush to open any links or get tricked into performing any actions that scammers want you to fall for.


“There are some suspicious activities in your DEFI account. Therefore, your funds will be blocked for up to a year.

If you want to avoid your funds being blocked, the attached form specifies all the required data.

Electronic form:

The last day for providing this information is 3 business days after receiving this letter. You will need to send the completed document as a reply to the letter.

Sincerely yours, the QDAO DeFi Team.”

Even if this time the letter content is somewhat different, THIS IS A SCAM! Do not open the letter and do not click on the link – the letter contains a virus! If you open the link, scammers will gain access to your account! They use mail spoofing to mislead you. 

Pay attention: This time, the [email protected] address is displayed in the mailing list but we never use that for contacting our customers. The QDAO DeFi team only sends requests for information from the address [email protected]. User verification is only conducted on the BTCNEXT exchange. Please be careful!

How to protect yourself

If you receive this or any other suspicious letter, please:

  • Do not open it
  • Do not click on any links
  • Do not fill out or send any personal information
  • Scan your PC with anti-virus software
  • Block/ignore/delete this letter

Please be careful and never click on any suspicious links. We will never ask you for verification for our side services. If you see something wrong or receive any letters from strange addresses – please inform us, it could help protect thousands of other QDAO DeFi users.

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