QDAO scammer alert


November 30, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

QDAO DeFi has become the target of scammers once again. They have already written to our customers twice pretending to be our customer support team. If you have received a suspicious letter that looks like it’s from BTCNEXT, please ignore it or if you open it, do not comply with what the scammers are asking for. 


Our customers received pretty much the same letter as this one. It says:

“There are some suspicious activities in your DEFI account. Therefore, your funds will be blocked for up to a year.

If you want to avoid your funds being blocked, the attached form specifies all the required data.

Electronic form: https://qdao.io/kyc-form

The last day for providing this information is 3 business days after receiving this letter. You will need to send the completed document as a reply to the letter.

Sincerely yours, the QDAO DeFi Team.”

Even if the message this time is somewhat different, do not fall for this scam! The letter may contain a virus that steals account credentials and gains access. Scammers may apply mail spoofing to make you believe it’s an official letter. Do NOT open links in the letter – they are disguised as official ones but lead users to malicious sources.

Important: Check the address you receive such letters from. The QDAO DeFi team only sends requests for information from the address [email protected]. User verification is only conducted by the BTCNEXT exchange. Please be careful!

How to protect yourself

If you receive this or any other suspicious letter, please:

  • Do not open it
  • Do not click on any links
  • Do not fill out or send any personal information
  • Scan your PC with anti-virus software
  • Block/ignore/delete this letter

Please be careful and never click on any suspicious links. We will never ask you for verification for our side services. If you have received a scam letter from any address, please inform us. You could be helping to protect the whole QDAO DeFi community.

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