How to get the maximum out of the QDAO coin?


February 12, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

Being present on the blockchain & DeFi market for years, QDAO DeFi has always strived to provide exceptional customer experience. We’ve kept introducing new services and most of them are interconnected with QDAO – our flagship coin.

Good news: we stay the course on further development of the QDAO token. That means you, dear holder, can reap more advantages in the future. Which ones? Here are a few hints and pro tips. 

New services – new opportunities

It’s not a secret that the success of a token depends on the efforts of the team behind it. QDAO DeFi has ambitious plans of expanding the scope of its services, which won’t be leaving the QDAO price unchanged.

What’s coming soon?

  • QDeFi Interface – Users will be able to manage their assets via a new personal account – all wallets and deposits will be displayed in a single dashboard. 
  • Borrowing – QDAO DeFi crypto loans will help to borrow assets via collateralization without complicated bureaucratic checks in our lending platform. 
  • Bank cards – Pay with crypto anywhere, without limits. Instant conversion and support of all major cryptocurrencies.
  • Mobile app – QDAO DeFi will be available 24/7 on your smartphone.
  • New bonus system and reward tokens – Higher profits, extra benefits!
  • And many more …

QDAO DeFi infrastructure will grow significantly thanks to new services and functions that will enable users to manage their cryptocurrencies flawlessly and efficiently. This will consequently lead to the growth of users, investments and QDAO token value.  

“So, what should I do with QDAO?”

There’s a wide range of opportunities when it comes to QDAO token. If you’re still in doubt, here are several options you should consider.

Trade on Coinsbit and other exchanges 

Users who check our updates already know that the Coinsbit exchange has recently added the QDAO/USDT trading pair. You can sell or buy QDAO instantly and with low fees. 

Keep in mind that QDAO is also traded on Hotbit and Uniswap

Make a deposit

If you’re more of a HODL-type investor, make QDAO coins generate profits for you. We offer no-time-limit deposits with 2.34% annual interest. Store QDAO tokens safely in your account, receive interest rates paid every day and withdraw at ANY time. 

Note, we’re planning to introduce more rewards and bonuses for QDAO token holders. Our users will enjoy higher APY rates and other interesting perks. Stay tuned!

Your benefits aren’t limited

So, what makes QDAO the right choice for DeFi users? It’s a pretty secure asset with tons of perspectives. Here’s what you should consider before deciding how to manage QDAO token savings. 

Source: Coinmarketcap

Since the coin has existed, QDAO has reached $60 ATH (August 2019) and climbed to $45 in 2020. With the DeFi industry gaining immense traction, we expect more price pumps. With the DeFi industry reaching new highs in 2021, QDAO will follow altcoins’ lead. Expect new price spikes and get ready to sell your tokens with a higher profit when you catch the wave.

Although the QDAO token has been through a downtrend recently, it’s not expected to move lower. It hit the bottom and now it’s ready to follow the lead of other altcoins that have begun a massive growth since December 2020. So if you already own some coins, your savings aren’t likely to miss the value.

While waiting for QDAO token to rise, you can sleep soundly knowing that your assets are safe and secure. Our users’ deposits are backed up with BitGo’s $100 million insurance coverage and their 100% Multi-Signature Technology. Your earning possibilities will grow together with the range of QDAO DeFi services!

Bottom Line

Ignoring QDAO token means missing out on a big chunk of prospects. This coin might become a mighty addition to your crypto portfolio. With the QDAO DeFi platform developed further, our token will accumulate power for the next massive run! So choose how to manage your tokens and wait for our updates – your journey with QDAO DeFi will be more epic than you think! 

Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only. No materials in this text shall be construed, implicitly or explicitly, as containing any investment recommendations. Do your own research before making financial decisions. QDAO DeFi Company does not bear responsibility for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered which is claimed to have resulted from the use of this post. 

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