QDAO DeFi Weekly Update #30


April 28, 2021


Add: Veronica Zubrii

Our beloved QDAO DeFi community is pushing the project towards success. We too are doing our best to provide the best conditions so that your assets can grow safely and steadily. The last week was full of interesting updates – check them out!

Cryptocurrencies and DeFi coin market analysis

Bitcoin has finally begun its correction. During the last two weeks, the price renewed its all-time high at $65,000 but then afterwards began to move steadily down. The lowest point was at $47,000. We can easily expect Bitcoin to go even deeper, to $40,000. Some altcoins use the king’s weakness to grow in price as BTC’s dominance dropped to 48%.

The DeFi market is performing much better than traditional altcoins. The total value locked in protocols across all chains is nearing $100 billion. Many DeFi tokens have managed to hit ATHs, while the rest of the market is moving down. Here are the changes in price for some of the popular DeFi coins:

  • ChainLink: -12.2%
  • Aave: +1.2%
  • Uniswap: +11.4%
  • Compound: +26.7%

The market still needs to cool off a bit if we want to see the big bull run. We could easily witness Bitcoin being worth less than $40,000 in the coming weeks. 

DeFi news 

There is a lot of news from the DeFi space. Here are the most important events of the week:

  • Uniswap v3 contracts deployed. Uniswap is a step closer to launching its “v3” iteration, announcing the successful deployment of v3’s smart contracts to all Ethereum test networks.
  • NYSE president supports Coinbase listing and DeFi. Thomas Farley said the world of finance was “past the point of no return” for crypto, following Coinbase’s public listing last week. He also considers DeFi to be a technology with huge potential.
  • DEX volumes are growing. Decentralized exchange volumes are on the rise as the pullback in Bitcoin’s price motivates some traders to book profits and rotate into altcoins. This is another bullish signal for DeFi.

QDAO DeFi updates

We are doing everything possible to make QDAO DeFi a successful project within the international community. Here are the results of our work.

The QDAO airdrop

QDAO token will soon be air-dropped to participants. Finally, we have finished the calculations and are preparing to drop coins to everyone. Get ready to receive your sweet reward soon!

The Golden Week’s rewards

The golden week is coming. That’s why we’re preparing a juicy chance to get some QDAO tokens for absolutely free. Keep an eye on our updates to ensure your cut!

QDAO DeFi’s new interface

The brand new interface for QDAO DeFi is almost here! We’re making the final adjustments and are almost ready to present it to our beloved users. The release will soon be announced.

New tutorials

We’ve added new video guides to our YouTube channel to help you expand your crypto knowledge:

The latest stats from QDAO DeFi PULSE

Number of users: 11550

Total amount of users’ funds: 

3342424.9054 XRP

1150.64294809 ETH

180.801668455 BTC

19090970.4765 ADA

…and more.

Current users’ interest balance: 

77673.8957704 XRP

31.817456023 ETH

4.0591260377 BTC

273772.43549 ADA

…and more.

Number of withdrawals made: 12059

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