QDAO, BNX and ADA join the QDAO DeFi family on Noah Custody Wallet


February 12, 2021


Add: Veronica Zubrii

February is gonna be hot, precious QDAO DeFi users! The platform keeps evolving and we are proud to present the addition of 3 news coins: ADA, BNX and QDAO! They were previously only available to BTCNEXT Exchange users but now, you can start making a great passive income on them, directly with Noah Custody Wallet!

Our team is always seeking new profitable opportunities and strives to improve QDAO DeFi services. More assets mean more profit, especially when we are talking about our native assets – QDAO and BNX coins. ADA is also very popular among BTCNEXT Exchange users. So, we decided to add it to QDAO DeFi in Noah Custody Wallet.

There is an update for QDAO DeFi scheduled on 12 February. From this date, you will be able to add ADA, BNX and QDAO deposit products on the Noah platform.

Annual rates for new deposit products:

Please note: these rates can be boosted by 1-5% with your Noah Citizenship status.

The list of QDAO DeFi coins on Noah Custody Wallet will stretch to 14! Keep in mind, ADA rates have been increased by 3%, lasting until the end of February. ADA holders who use QDAO DeFi on BTCNEXT Exchange will retain the increased rates until the end of the promo campaign.

If you want to transfer ADA, QDAO and BNX from the exchange to the platform, you can do so without paying fees. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new deposit product in ADA, QDAO or BNX via Noah Custody Wallet.
  1. In the next window, click on “Ok, I made a deposit”.
  2. Next, click on the “Deposit now” button to transfer your coins from the BTCNEXT Exchange.
  3. Indicate the amount and confirm your intentions.
  4. Wait for the coins to be transferred. The transfer will be completed in 24 hours. 

QDAO DeFi offers some of the highest interest rates in the crypto market – we gently invite you to make use of this opportunity and start earning a stable passive income on your idle assets!

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