Noah citizens are invited to test the new QDAO DeFi interface


August 16, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

Noah Citizens are being offered the chance to participate in the beta testing of QDAO DeFi’s new interface and our new On-chain Copy Trading product.

The QDAO ecosystem is continuing to evolve. Our team has developed a new interface for QDAO DeFi, as well as a new product called On-chain Copy Trading. Now, it’s time for the beta test.

We’ve collected feedback from our users and developed the new QDAO DeFi interface separately from Noah Custody Wallet. Follow this link to jump straight in. We were guided by 2 simple principles while developing the new interface – maximum usability and convenience.

Soon, we will be integrating the new product – On-chain Copy Trading. It will offer users a brand new way to earn bigger profits and in a totally passive way. QDAO DeFi users won’t need to take risks while using On-chain Copy Trading on the platform. The estimated interest rates will be substantially higher than they are for regular deposit products.

What is Copy Trading?

What is Copy Trading? It refers to searching for and copying the deals that successful traders make in order to earn by tapping into their knowledge and strategies. But for QDAO DeFi platform users, there will be no need to go through any complicated steps – we are making everything as simple as we did with deposits.

It’s a pleasure to have a community as strong as the Noah citizenry. You have helped us test products before their release on many occasions. We ask for your help once again. If you are a Noah citizen and want to help us test QDAO DeFi’s new interface – follow this link, log in via the Authorization Center using your regular account and try out the new interface!

On-chain Copy Trading is not yet available but it will be integrated soon. If you find any bugs or issues of any kind, please contact our support manager. Thank you for your efforts. We sincerely hope you like the updated QDAO DeFi!

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