QDAO’s listing on Coinsbit will happen on January 26th!


January 26, 2021


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

2021 is rich in listings news and we are so happy about that! On January 26th, our very own QDAO will be listed on the Coinsbit exchange, namely the QDAO-ETH pair.

It’s a great moment for all the community as the project keeps on developing.  Soon, we will have reached a new level of success and profitability. One of the new development steps is the massive buy-off announced by the QDAO DeFi team this month. Any holder can exchange their QDAO coins for $1 each by addressing the @NOAH_reporter_bot  that has been created to help all users of our ecosystem get answers to every question concerning QDAO DeFi and the Noah project. 

What is Coinsbit?

Coinsbit is a secure cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. It is very much oriented towards user privacy. You don’t need to show a credit history to open an account. 

Coinsbit provides businesses and individual traders with low commissions, multi-support, strong security and an open API.

About the QDAO DeFi ecosystem

The QDAO DeFi ecosystem is a convenient tool for making your crypto assets work for you. It supports smart investments in liquid cryptocurrencies, instant fiat loans and deposits with the highest interest rates. The program provides the most lucrative and profitable deposit and lending conditions while keeping the lowest possible rates for borrowers.

As a governance coin, QDAO can be used to cut the fees of QDAO DeFi services. It will also be used for bonus accruals.

The project team has decided to separate the Noah Wallet platform from QDAO DeFi to make the interface more user-friendly and attract new holders to the platform. 

Why are listings important?

The creation of QDAO was conceived to enlarge the DeFi community and give them the opportunity to get profit from holding the assets and being involved in the ecosystem generally. Our team is always striving to expand the usage of the coin and make it more profitable and unique. 

The acknowledgment of respected exchanges means a lot to us as it shows that we are moving in the right direction in terms of the development of the project. Moreover, the more listings the coin has under its belt, the greater the  demand for it becomes. Thus, this may influence the coin’s price and stability rise. 

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