Make up to 17.03% annually with BTC in QDAO DeFi!


December 25, 2020


Add: Anton Dzyatkovskii

QDAO DeFi is always searching for new ways to provide its community with the best market conditions. Bitcoin is on fire and it’s the perfect time to convert this explosive growth into additional profit. QDAO DeFi will increase the deposit rates for Bitcoin! Starting from December 25th and for the next 6 months, every QDAO DeFi user on Noah Custody Wallet can count on a substantial increase in passive income.

It took two years for Bitcoin to reach a new all-time-high! After a promising rush to $19,000 in November and a few disappointing weeks of sideways movement, the BTC price finally broke the $20,000 mark. It was unstoppable in its desire to grow and the price has reached an astonishing $24,000! The QDAO DeFi development team wants to celebrate this great event with the community! QDAO DeFi’s interest rates for Bitcoin will be increased from the 25th of December 2020 to the 25th of June 2021.

The new BTC annual rates for Noah Custody Wallet users will be:

  • No term: 11.51% ARP
  • 1 month: 11.68% ARP
  • 3 months: 11.85% ARP
  • 6 months: 12.03% ARP

The previous rates were 3% lower, which indicates a substantial increase in possible earnings. Noah citizens reserve the right to an even bigger income, depending on their level (up to 5%).

Bitcoin is likely to continue to rise in value. Experts predict 30-40k USD in the coming months. QDAO DeFi offers you an easy route for multiplying your earnings. Presently, this is one of the highest interest rates in the market. The income accrues on a daily basis and it can be withdrawn at any time.

Almost 10,000 users from all over the world have already entrusted their funds to QDAO DeFi and are earning solid passive income on their idle assets. The increase in QDAO DeFi rates sounds like a good opportunity to grow your BTC without selling the initial asset. Just don’t waste this opportunity. The ‘happy-hour’ starts on December 25th!
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